Sweaterly is a patent-pending detachable garment protector that secures to the neckline via magnets, preventing makeup transfer stains as you get dressed. It's safe on all fabric types and secures to the neckline without causing pilling, pulling, poking, or stretching. It works on most neckline shapes and fabric weights, including blouses, turtlenecks, and sweaters.

Sweaterly is washable and comes in two variations: a smooth-grain symmetrical-weave fabric, and a glossy waterproof vinyl. Both materials were chosen specifically for their ability to preserve your makeup look while protecting the neckline of your garment. The glossy vinyl can be sanitized quickly, making it a perfect option for fashion boutiques, makeup artists, and many other professionals.

I carefully handcraft each Sweaterly, cut to finish, from my studio in Montana.